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Cosmetics are substances that are used to improve or maintain the appearance or smell of the human body. Cosmetics include skin protecting creams, lotions (liquid creams), powders, perfumes, lipstick, nail polish, eye and face cosmetics, hair dye, colored lenses, hair dye, hair gel and spray, deodorants (odorants) Baby products, washing oil, bath tubs (special vans), washing salt, oils and other types of products.

Cosmetics description: Makeup is a piece of clothing that you buy and have always been attractive and enjoyable for women. At least this charm applies to the majority of women, even if they are reluctant to constantly use their makeup. Women’s and girls’ cosmetics are so varied that if you list them all, you may still be missing out on one of them, but the most complete cosmetic kit is the bridal cosmetics pack. What is common in buying bridal makeup is the choice of bridal makeup tools amongst the best makeup brushes.

In general, buying all cosmetics for both girls and women, including cosmetics, eye makeup, nail creams, etc., should be made of authentic and standard brands, because beauty and health are one of the best gifts available to you. We have been placed and the task of makeup is to highlight this beauty, not to use them with a poor quality cosmetics and to deprive ourselves of this blessing. The women’s and girls’ cosmetics package is one of the best options for giving. Few people find pleasure in receiving cosmetics as gifts, of course cosmetics that fit the recipient’s spirit and taste.

Facial Makeup: This cosmetic category is considered to be the basis for both women’s and girls’ facial makeup. Lotions such as powder cream, dandruff and sunscreen are the most important facial makeup tools.

Eyebrow Makeup: This collection of makeup tools, including mascara, eyelash curler, eyelash curler and eyebrow gel are among the most sensible makeup tools. Because it is associated with a vital and vulnerable member of the eye and a member of the most influential facial beauty, eyebrows. Regular and healthy eyebrows take half of the skin’s skin care responsibilities, especially the effects of the eyes.

Lipsticks: The title of the most attractive cosmetic tool belongs to the lips’ makeup. The lips line and all kinds of liquid and solid luster are lusciously multiplying the beauty of the face by exposing the lips.

Nail care products: nail polish, nail polish, varnish and shiny varnish and nail enhancers have a great impact on the beauty and health of your nails and hands. The nail is a neat and well-kept, neatly featured fashionable lady.

Hair care products: Hair care and maintaining their health and well-being are in the presence of attractive and perfectly involved. Hairdressing tools such as brushes, hair extensions, hair extensions and a variety of high-powered hair dryer are in addition to hair care, to a large extent women do not need to go to the hairdressing salon.

History of cosmetics: Ancient Sumerian men and women were probably the first to use the lips 5,000 years ago. They crushed gems and used them to decorate their faces. (More on the lips and eyes). Between 3000 BC and 1500 BC, women in the Sind Valley civilization used red lips to make lips. The ancient Egyptians extracted red from seaweed.

The body and body makeup was originally developed by men for the first time in history. The people of Neanderthal or the early humans were the first people to use red color and paint the bones of their dead. They decorated their face and body with the same color. Maybe the Egyptian women first began to make up for their beautiful makeup. In the illustrations, it’s obvious that women in the land used red color to rotate their lips and cheeks and use black in color to darken their eyes. The black color was generally lead, and sometimes it was also used for manganese oxide and carbon. Egyptians were also the first people to choose green for makeup and use green powder as a shadow behind the eye and dye eyelashes. By combining these compounds with copper and iron oxide, new colors such as turquoise, violet, and so on were obtained, and shadows found a variety of colors. Adding white powders also allowed Egyptians to make black and white tonalites of gray and gray and white and add fat to the concentration of the ingredients, which means to make the first cosmetics. For example, the combination of colors, light cream and palm cream based on the milk of the horse and Albizter, and used to color the body. They put hair, hands and nails on the henna, and they used scented oils and fats to protect the skin.

At the same time as the Egyptians, ancient Greeks used honey to moisturize the lips and animal fat that was mixed with white clay powders to cover the face and body. But the arrangement was not in the Greeks, as seen in Egyptian women. On the contrary, Romani women liked to turn themselves into Greeks. They bled their eyebrows and hair with egg yolks and squashed ants and flies and sunshine so their skin was tanned, but in this period the makeup is still not as common as it should be. In the first century AD, the Roman Emperor Neuron and his wife, Popia, bleached their skin with highly toxic toxic carbon dioxide, and used a lime plaster that contained lead and was highly toxic to eye makeup. Discontinued due to the diseases that caused the material.

With the onset of the Crusades, the cosmetics went away again and became commonplace in northern Europe. In the fourteenth century, makeup and skin care were more specific to the nobility, but became popular in the 18th century. During this period, toxic substances were still used for make-up, and the level of lead in cosmetics was high. In the 20th and 21st centuries, with the industrialization of societies and the creation of factories, the way of production and formulation of cosmetics changed. With the advent of science, scientists have tried to replace the toxic materials used with natural materials or non-toxic chemical substances, and the number of fans and cosmetics users has been updated daily! Today, the lipstick is the best-selling cosmetic product, and every 27 seceses are sold.

Cosmetics Maintenance:

• Cosmetic products should be kept in a dry and moist environment, since moisture increases the probability of bacterial growth in the cosmetic product. Bath and toilet are not suitable places for cosmetic products.

• Boiler products are more vulnerable to contamination than other types, and their consumption is reduced.

• After taking products, it should be firmly secured, as otherwise the possibility of oxidizing products increases.

Be sure to have your hands washed before using a cup of worms.

• Makeup brushes and makeup brushes should be cleaned from time to time.

• Never share cosmetics or tools with anyone.

Cosmetic durability:

The viability of each cosmetic product is set at a certain time, which is better to discard the product after that time. Of course, this period is only valid if you use the cosmetic product correctly and in the right conditions. With regard to sunscreens, experts advise that after the end of the warm season, since it’s common for people to use sunscreen in the winter, and effective cream combinations in the prevention of UV damage to the skin remain effective until next year. They do not know The sunscreen should be replaced annually.

Duration of each cosmetic product:

– Shower gel and shampoo (24 to 36 months)

– Body Cream (9 to 12 months)

– Face cream (9-month cups) (Pumper or Tropical bottles for 12 months)

– Nail polish (12 to 24 months)

– mascara (3 months)

– Black Oval Cover (3 to 6 months)

– Day cream and night cream (6 to 9 months)

– Eye & Face Makeup Remover (6 to 9 months)

– Scrubs and shampoos (6 to 9 months)

– Moisturizing Mask (6 to 9 months)

– Anti-redness cream (8 months)

– Cream powder (9 months)

– Body cream: (12 months)

– Species (24 to 36 months)

– Eye shadow (24 to 36 months)

– Pancakes (24 to 36 months)

– Eyeliner (24 months)

– Eyebrow pencil (24 months)

– Lipstick (24 months) .

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